Frequently Asked Questions

What website is this?
Blog-Indonesia collects blogs related to Indonesia, and presents them either chronologically or categorically.
What is the purpose of this website?
To help Indonesian bloggers and Indonesia-related blogs gain more readerships, and to help people in finding blogs related to Indonesia.
Can any blog be listed in Blog-Indonesia?
Yes, as long as the blog is written by Indonesian, or if not, writes about Indonesia.
How do I register my blog to Blog-Indonesia?
Click "Submit Blog" on the menubar, and enter the necessary information.
Your blog has to have RSS facility in order to be listed.
I have submitted my blog. Then what?
Your blog is on queue. Please be patient.
Blog Indonesia will try to initiate contact to your blog's RSS. Once the contact is successful, your blog will be automatically listed.
My blog has been in the queue for a long time, and still not yet listed. Why?
Make sure your blog has RSS/Atom Feed
Check the link to your feed. Make sure it exists.
If you create your blog with, it will automatically create RSSAtom feed for your blog at .
If you create your blog with wordpress, your link will be
With Multiply, your feed will be

It can happen that when you change your blog template, you accidentally erase the link to your blog's feed. So make sure by trying the link to your feed on the browser and see whether it exists or not. If you get a message of 'Page Not Found' or other error messages, then you have a problem with your feed and will be unable to contact your blog to read its content.

If the feed exists, make sure it is valid
It happens that even your blog has feed, the feed is not valid. Invalid feed cannot be read by us and we will be unable to get any data from your blog.
To check whether your feed is valid or not, use

If we cannot read your blog's feed, your blog cannot be included in the list. lists blogs written by Indonesians, or blogs writing about Indonesia.

If your blog is written in Bahasa, there is no problem for us to determine that your blog fits the condition above. Same goes if you write in English and your topic is about Indonesia. However, there are cases where the blog is written in english and the topic is not about Indonesia. In this case we cannot process your blog automatically because we have to manually find out whether you are Indonesians or not. If your blog gives no 'clue', then there is no way for us to know, and this will make your blog stays in the queue for a long period of time.

Your blog contains less than 5 posts.
Or, worse, contains only 'hello world' post.
If this is the case, your blog will automatically be deleted from the queue.
Make sure you have more than 5 posts on 5 different dates before you even submit your blog.

During registration, did you type the link to your blog correctly?
Believe it or not, this happens quite frequently. Make sure you type the link correctly or blog-indonesia will never be able to contact your blog.
Can I submit blogs that do not belong to me?
Sorry, no. Please make sure the blog belongs to you. If the blog is not yours, simply let the owner know about this site and he/she can then register on his/her own.
How often do you update your list?
The list is refreshed automatically every 1 hour.
This however does not mean your posts will be listed here in within 1 hour. Other factors such as non-responding RSS or overload on our sites may delay the update. Please be patient.
I changed the header of my blog, while my RSS link remains the same. Will the header of my blog on Blog Indonesia be changed too?
Yes, as long as the RSS link remains the same, any changes you did on your blog will reflect on the list in Blog Indonesia.
I just deleted one of my blog posts. How come that particular post is still on your list?
We are caching our pages to keep the site working at a reasonable performance. On one hand, the site will serve you faster than without caching. On the other, it will take a while for it to clear any deleted posts. If you feel strongly that we should remove your post immediately, kindly email us at webmaster [at] Put "remove post" and your post's permanent link on the subject.
My blog is put in the wrong category. Can you change it?
Sure, let us know by sending an email to webmaster [at] Write the link to your blog, the existing category, and the category you think is more appropriate.
What is the criteria to be considered the most active blog?
Most active blog is determined by the number of new entry published in the past 24 hours.
If there are more than one bloggers with the same number of posting, blogger with the most recent post will rank higher.
My blog is said to be "not active". Why?
If there is no new entry in the past 30 days, your blog's status will be automatically set to "not active", and blog-indonesia will stop reading your RSS feed.

Blog-Indonesia will monitor your blog from time to time, and if you post a new entry your status will be set back to active and blog-indonesia will automatically read your RSS feed.
I found a blog that is neither written by Indonesian nor about Indonesia. How come it is on the list?
We are not perfect, and mistakes do happen. If you found such blog and feel that we should know, kindly send us email at webmaster [at]
How can a blog be listed in the "10 Most Active this Month" ?
10 blogs with the most entries during the past 30 days will automatically be listed.
How does blog-indonesia determine the rank of blog's popularity?
Popularity is calculated based on number of click by the visitors when visiting the blog through blog-indonesia.
Number of click for the past 30 days is calculated and the more number of clicks received, the higher the rank.
If there are 2 or more blogs with equal number of clicks, the blog who received the most recent visit will get higher rank.

The same method applies for top 20 Popular this Month (using data of the past 30 days) and top 20 popular today (using data of the past 24 hours).

Please remember that this DOES NOT reflect blog's popularity in general. Many blogs are widely popular although do not receive many visits through blog-indonesia.
Why do you put flag buttons? Isn't this censorships?
We don't like censorships as much as you do. We value the freedom in blogging. However, freedom can be abused, and we certainly don't want blog-indonesia to be used for illegal or offensive activities.

Since we cannot monitor this site 24/7, we rely on your help to let us know when you find such topic, by clicking the flag.

This way, it is you -- as a member of the Indonesian blog community -- who decides wether a topic is offensive or not. We value your input and based on the flags you raised we will examine the topic in question and determine the necessary action.
How does Blog-Indonesia calculate the number of visits?
Everytime visitors click the links in blog-indonesia to visit your blog, the click is recorded. Blog-Indonesia also implements an algorithm to ensure no visitor can click a link excessively only for the sole purpose of artificially increasing the number of visits. With this algorithm, one visitor will be counted as one click, even if the visitors click the link repeatedly.
I don't want my blog to be listed here. How do I remove it?
Send an email to webmaster at using the email address you used when you registered your blog. On the email subject please write "Remove" followed by your blog's url . In some cases we may send an email to verify before we remove your blog. Please be patient, it may take a few days before all caches related to your blog is cleared.
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