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So I’ve watched the latest Transformers sequel called Age of Extinction. Obviously, set years after the last battle where Megatron was blown into pieces, and a new kind of war begins. It looks good in 3D, but I never like watching 3D flicks which runs more than 2 hours. This movie runs almost for 3 hours. Tho I recommend to watch it on IMAX screens. Get ready for my review, below. Instead of...
Jet Airliner, Photos by Josef Hoflehner Jet Airliner, Photos by Josef Hoflehner Jet Airliner, Photos by Josef Hoflehner nevver: Jet airliner, Josef Hoflehner I rarely reblog. but this!
Stars as seen from Baluran National Park, East Java
Cobble Wobble Baluran #ballerinbaluran
Dead end. #ballerinbaluran
This monday, we see different skyscrapers #ballerinbaluran
Finally. Installed a toppeak rear rack, then bought a vincita pannier bag. Today was the first time I went out with a full bag, heavy. New cycling chapter, unfolds.
Two new tees over the weekend. The Radavist (which was sold out within an hour) and WoofJKT (which was sold out fast too). Lucky to get my hands on them. Both are pocket tees. Support the cycling scene.
Finally. Got myself a kendama in #pias_scarab colorway. :)
5D Sunday 2012, a set on Flickr.5D Sunday 2012...
"Spin me up, spin me, spin me out. Station to station send me up and out. Is that what life and love is all about. I think I think so" — Big Bang Baby, Stone Temple Pilots...
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